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Manila International Airport, formerly known as Manila International Airport, is composed of four
(4) passenger terminals.
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Terminal 1

Terminal 1 mainly serves all the international flights from and to Manila Airport excepting the ones
operated by PAL Express, Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines, All Nippon Air (ANA), KLM Royal Dutch
Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines carriers.

Terminal 2 (Centennial Terminal)

Terminal 2, also named as Centennial Terminal, exclusively hosts both domestic and international
flights operated by the national flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, and PAL Express carriers. The terminal
consists of the North and the South wings, distributed into two levels.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 stands for the newest and largest airport terminal. It is intended to host international flights, mostly operated by Cebu Pacific Air, All Nippon Air (ANA), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines, though it is expected to progressively host all the international operations from and to Manila Airport.

Terminal 4 (Domestic Terminal)

Terminal 4 is the main domestic gateway in Manila Airport. It is commonly known as Manila Domestic
Passenger Terminal or simply Old Domestic Terminal, being de facto the oldest airport terminal.
Domestic and regional flights are served by Cebgo and other non-international carriers.

Accommodation and Transport at the Manila Airport Terminals

• Ube Bus
• Yellow Taxi
• Hotel Transportation
Keeping In Touch With Home
Get connected. You will find on each terminal near arrival exit booths that offers local sim cards
for free. You just have to get loaded up or topped up with regular load of any amount.
Staying at Hotels. All hotel establishments offer Wireless Internet some even extends them complimentary.